Monday, June 29, 2009

Why buy expensive toys?

Anyone who has EVER met Nicolas has noticed that he bounces all the time. Ever since he was 9 months old in his bounce seat, that has been his way of getting out his energy. Now, he just bounces on the tips of his toes anywhere and everywhere. Of course we've battled with him jumping on the beds, couches, and other furniture. A while ago David and I started searching for a trampoline or something that he could jump on. A month ago I found the perfect toy! We call it his "jump toy". It is safe, easy to move, and just what he needed. This toy has remedied any problems we had with him jumping on the furniture and it also helps him get out his energy before he goes to bed. Here's a picture of him on the toy after a bath.

Well, yesterday, I walk into the living room to find that Nico has picked up one of David's screw drivers that he had just taken out and poked it right through the jump toy. Yes...that's right....a hole...right through the only half-way decent toy that I've spent any kind of money on in the past year! The beloved jump toy slowly, but surely began to deflate. By the time that we let Nico out of time out, the outer ring was completely deflated. So...tell me....why spend money on toys again?

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