Monday, June 22, 2009

Why Blog?

Well, I never considered myself to be a blogger, but I have also never been a scrapbooker, album creator, or one to do anything creative with any of the cool things that have happened in our life. For all of you really creative people out there, you will cringe when I admit that my way of keeping up with my son's baby memories consist of a file folder in a file cabinet, right beside the "important receipts" folder.....and that's if I'm lucky enough to put the "treasured item" in there. Seriously....I have a lock of my baby's hair in a file folder!!! Hey...the way I look at least I have the lock of hair! (although it is still in a business envelope, completely unlabeled). For all of this time I have basically just accepted this about myself and only occasionally felt a little guilty for not keeping up with any memories for my family, friends, or son to look back on in the future. Although I don't start this blog out of guilt, I do start it with a glimmer of hope. My hope is that blogging will help me balance my lack of creativity and my plethora of interesting experiences, to create some sort of archive that otherwise would not exist. Follow along if you'd like.

1 comment:

  1. I love your blog!! See, we are the same. I don't even think I kept up with Jackson's first lock of hair... It floated around my house for a little while and then was gone. Oh well... at least now we blog. :)