Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cute Things Kids Say & Do

I've been wanting to write down some of the cute things Nico has said or done over the past few months, so here it goes....
Just before Nico turned 2 1/2 he won me over with compliments all in one week. We were riding in the car one day and out of the blue he said, "Mommy, you're my best friend." Ding ding ding! He won treats for an entire day! Then, the next morning I was getting ready for work. I was finally done and I said to him, "How do I look?" He looked up at me and said slowly, "Beau-ti-ful". Ding ding ding! He won treats for an entire week! Man....this kid is really learning how to play his cards right. He officially won me over!

One day Nico got a little blue ring out of one of those 25 cent candy machines. He played with it for days and then one morning before he went to preschool he said, "Mommy, I want to give this ring to Libby" (his favorite little girl friend at school). I was surprised b/c it was his treasured item & I was worried that he would want it back after giving it away, but I encouraged him b/c I didn't want to shoot down his generous spirit. That day he gave the ring to Libby and she loved it!!! She kept it for weeks! DANGER....note to self.....first gift my son gave to a girl was a ring....AHHH!
Since giving Libby the ring, Nico frequently asks if he can give his toys or snacks to his friends at school. I've encouraged him to do it (only when he brings it up) and it is so cute to watch him walk into class with his matchbox cars, bouncy balls, or watermelon in hand excited to give them away to his friends. What innocent generosity! I envy it!

Little Helper:
Since I'm pregnant (yes..I'll post about that later) I have not been the ball of energy recently. Nico totally understands the pregnancy so far and is so considerate of the fact that I don't always feel great. In the mornings I'll lay back down after he gets up. After playing by himslef for a little while he will come in the room and say "Mommy, do you feel better? Did you rest? Can I give you a hug to make you feel better? Are you ready to get up? Do you need to rest more?" How sweet is that???? I feel sooo well taken care of by my 2-year old!!! haha!

The other day I came in the room and exhaled really loud (the way you do when you're exhausted). He said, "Mommy, are you tired?" I said, "yes" and he said, "Mommy, lay down here (pointing to the couch). I'll get you a pillow (and he put a pillow at the end). Here mommy, you can put your feet up." I said, "Nico, if I lay down I'll fall asleep." He said, "It's okay. I'll get you a blanket." Hahaha!

Funny Assimilations:
Today we drove by a place that sells boats. Nico asked, "What are those boats doing there?" I said, "People who want a boat take money there and they buy the boat at that store." He said, "and they put it in a really really big bag??" hahaha!

This week we were pulling out of our carport and Nico asked, "Is this a garage?" At first I said yes, but then I thought, why lie? I should just tell him it's a carport. So, I decided to explain to him the difference between a garage and a carport. He actually got it (which I couldn't believe), so I drove past a house with a garage to quiz him, and he got it right. Then I drove past a house with a carport where a car and truck were parked inside. I said, "What is that?" He said, "A carport! ....and....a truckport!" Hahaha!