Friday, October 14, 2011

Our View

One of the perks to this apartment is that we have a great view of the Andes mountain range. If it weren’t for the apartment directly between us and the view of the mountains, our view would be panoramic. Although the building interrupts our panoramic view, it also blocks the rising sun for the first 6 hours of the day, which keeps our apartment much cooler on a hot day, and we like the building obstruction for that reason. Anyway......each day when I wake up, I pull back the curtain to see what the view looks like on that day. It's really a treat because when we were in the states I thought, "Could you imagine if we ended up in an apartment with a view of the mountains?! That'd be amazing!" And here we are with this view!

I always say that my favorite part of being in Santiago is that you're always surrounded by enormous mountains. In such a big city with so much commotion all of the time, the mountains offer such a comforting and peaceful backdrop. I told Nico before we came to Chile this time that one of my favorite things about Chile is the view of the mountains. Then I told him, "The reason I love the view of the mountains is because it is a constant reminder of how big God is and how small I am." Since we've been here, he also has been fascinated by the mountains and he always gets excited about a beautiful view. I'm so happy to see him appreciate creation and to begin to understand how big the world is around him.

I have taken pics of some of the breathtaking views that we've come across so far.

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